Friday, September 27, 2019

You can create this Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

You can create this - Research Proposal Example Welcoming international trade, the country is expanding its business relations with Spain (its closest neighbor), the US, and African countries. In many cases goods shipped to Portugal do not arrive there directly, but come to some other country of the EU, and only then travel to Portugal – in order to use the advantage of lower value added tax rates of the other country. Companies entering the Portuguese market are welcome to contact the closest US Export Assistance Center which supports exporters. U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (100) recommends entering the market with an assistance of a local partner. Besides, finding a group or a right person to obtain useful advice and contacts is considered to be very beneficial because personal contacts are important for conducting a successful business in the country. In order to establish an office in Portugal, one should create a Portuguese company according to the country’s law. For most tenders and goods price is more important than quality. So, in order for a product to be competitive, the price must not be higher than that of the rivals. Portuguese importers now prefer to receive C.I.F. or F.O.B. quotations that include a product description, shipping weight, volume and time of shipment and delivery. Though such invoices (with all the mentioned above information) are not mandatory, they are very desirable. The largest part of the businesses of the country is concentrated in Lisbon, a capital of Portugal. Modern techniques of conducting business are widely spread in the country. However, traditional values are still in a great respect: personal contact and a handshake are still considered by many Portuguese businessmen to be more valuable than a signed contract. At the same time, a request for a formal contract will not offend them. At the same time, personal relations are valued and respected more than any legal

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