Monday, September 9, 2019

The Faster Flow of New Information in Order to Ensure Proper Learning Essay - 9

The Faster Flow of New Information in Order to Ensure Proper Learning - Essay Example Learning ought to be an active process whereby students come up with constructive ideas depending on their current or past events. Research proves that interactions and motivation influences construction. Teacher’s focus is to create a connection between facts and to ensure better understanding among learners. This approach gives learners the opportunity to analyze, predict and interpret information. It means that students are involved fully in finding solutions to the problem. Consequently, interactive learning proves effective in education. Information is easily absorbed by the memory for the purpose of filtration. The teacher wanted the information that he was passing to be store on the short-term memory by letting the learners draw the ball. Primarily, short term memory is where the controlling takes place in terms of rehearsal, coding, decision and retrieval strategies of the information. It allows learners to relate past events with the present; hence improves their abil ities to accommodate fresh ideas. Most importantly, the information is easily transferred to the long-time memory store for encoding and retrieval. Admittedly, the use of techniques that link short-term memory with long-term memory is effective in education (Cole, 2008). Learners are required to be able to use the approach of processing information. In addition, learners must be able to absorb and accommodate new facts. At first, when Lucy encountered the word platypus, she enquired from her father what it meant. Her father told her that platypus was an animal. By relating the word platypus to her prior knowledge of what animals are, she can then classify the information.

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