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Oscar ceremony Essay Example for Free

Oscar ceremony Essay An informative speech is strictly regulated. It should meet certain norms of presentation: 1) A model length of an informative speech is up to 7 minutes; 2) Visual aids are welcome but their role is limited to illustrating the verbal message; 3) The speech should be based upon credible sources which should be cited during the presentation; 4) Using notes is acceptable but a fluent memorized presentation is ideal. 5) An excessive use of emotions is prohibited whereas the use of non-verbal communicative means (confident posture, measured gestures, stable eye-contact) is highly praised; 6) The language of an informative speech should be simple, logical, and laconic. Bright imagery can somewhat embellish the speech when used appropriately. Topics/basic concepts Although it impossible to enumerate all the topics that can be suitable for an informative speech, it is generally accepted that an informative speech should be dedicated to some recent technical or medical investigations, unexpected facts and unusual events. This is a sample list of themes for an informative speech: famous lives, glorious deeds, history of creating a book, etc Outline An informative speech should be carefully structured so that such elements as introduction, body and conclusion could be clearly identified. Specific for an informative speech structure are a thesis statement and an organizational preview in the introduction. A generalized outline of an informative speech includes parts as follows: 1) Introduction: Declaring the speech topic; Attracting the attention of your listeners to the problem you are going to reveal; Making a thesis statement; Providing a brief preview of aspects of the problem that will be illuminated in the speech; 2) Body: giving a point-by-point revelation of the speech topic. 3) Conclusion: Making a cumulative review of the information provided; Referring to the introduction and ending the speech up with a startling conclusion. ++ Samples /while browsing through these, make sure you identify the structure/ Oscar ceremony The grandeur of the Oscar ceremony is well predicted, as well as an Oscar earned or an Oscar managed celebrity-chic that can be a great illusion of our time. Extravagant gowns, expensive jewelry, fantastic makeup, and all teeth smiles this years glamorously floating celebrities lightly touch the red carpet with their expensive footwear, later to worship, with all Academy voters, Slumdog, a tear shedding rags-to-riches saga that squeezed eight Oscars, including best director and best picture. The Oscar ceremony is endangered by commercialization. In the past it used to reward talent and art. Now, it is a well established tradition, a show of its own right. Yet, repeated over eighty times, this ceremony is unlikely to turn into a routine event. It sticks to the rules of the game with all the fever of a hot entertaining event. I have watched the TV version of the ceremony, so the following are my first-hand impressions. I would like to admit that nothing special was noticeable during the ceremony. Standout moments were Sean Penns calling the academy a bunch of commie homo-loving sons of guns and Dustin Lance Blacks address to the gay audience. Kate Winslet had proved that patience (five previous nominations) would bear fruit. Her Titanic never sank. Woody Allen had  prepared the fifth supporting acting Oscar, this time it was Penelope whose surname means in Spanish Saint. The evenings screw up was an innovative technique used while handling an annual favorite. It was a recognized failure. The ceremony was reviewed from different angles. A big fashion trend glorified red, white, and black one-shouldered gowns. Marisa Tomeis pale gray Versace, Kate Winslets Yves Saint Laurent one-shoulder slate blue and black gown, Anne Hathaways strapless silver beaded Armani Prove gown or Penelope Cruz fairy-tale white gown from Pierre Balmain were in contrast with the slum scenes from the best picture. The Oscar ceremony, almost perfect, is over. Everything is glamorous, gorgeous, and traditionally well staged. The reporters doubt that all fuss about the best picture opened new horizons in cinematography. The Oscar ceremony is still a great event, pompous and costly. It is about fashion and success, good fun and commercialized entertainment. I wish it were more about the art of cinematography. Coping with depression Depression is a psychological state that is hard to cure, hard to live with, and hard to endure. A depressed person lives in a nightmarish world, darkened by pessimism and dulled by unwillingness to act. This devastating and destructive state has a negative impact on the individual. It drains energy, evaporates optimism and enthusiasm, and paralyzes hope. It distorts the world and substantially reduces the pleasure of living. It may lead to repetitive suicidal thoughts that can end in self-destruction. I have consulted psychological literature to give you some tips how develop a step-by-step program to overcome depression. People suffer from depression for many reasons. They become depressed when all they do seems to become a failure. They get worried about their inability to realize their plans. They get shelled in loneliness. They get nervous and easily irritated. They find their lives unstable and hopeless. They lack safety and become vulnerable to outside influences. Depression is  a hazardous state, especially when you allow it to invade your body and mind. As soon as you realize that something is wrong with your state of mind, turn to help without hesitation. Now, I will give you some anti-depression tips. First of all, stay focused on what you are doing. Start with a small goal and fulfill it: go to a shop, take a short walk, or make a telephone call. Just start taking action and stick to doing it. Second, develop supportive relationship, turning to people who love you and whom you love. Refrain from retreating into yourself, sharing a meal, emailing, accompanying your friend to the movies, confide in a counselor or clergy member. Third, get interested in your own life. For this, have eight hours of sleep, practice relaxation techniques, and go easy on yourself. Why not to practice yoga or tai chi? Why not to introduce a meditative element to your life? Fourth, get regular exercise. Fifth, eat healthy food. Sixth, avoid negative thinking and negative emotions. Finally, ask for help if you cannot overcome your depression without outside aid. Now, you must embark on the road to depression recovery. Remember: action is the best anti-depressant for you. Look at the world from a new perspective: integrate into it on equal terms. Life is given only once, and you have no time to waste it. Not a single moment to spare! As soon as the world starts changing, you will keep a stronger touch with it. You will realize that inward problems are mainly our own creations, our own illusions, our own misunderstandings. Share your doubts with the world, and you be understood in return. It is easiest to shut your heart and pretend that loneliness is desirable. A white lie! Out of depression to communicate with people to establish relationships and depression will quietly go away! I do not think it will be welcomed again! How to build a happy marriage A clear-cut tendency is observed today: neither men nor women are in a hurry to marry. The growing independence of women, reluctant to do all housework and bear the main burden of childrens upbringing, sacrificing career growth, is one of the causes of the changes in family formation. A happy  marriage may be built only on love, tolerance, mutual understanding, equality, and respect. The problem is important because materially both husband and wife are now in many cases on equal terms. More and more women demonstrate higher levels of education than men, More and more women compete with men, holding leadership positions in business, politics and social life. As the result, women become materially independent. They are not materially tied to a family anymore. When they marry, they enrich their world that is now built on kinship, love, safety, quality leisure time activities in which all family members are involved. A family develops a collective feeling of interconnectedness, which is opposed to loneliness. Joy and duty, love and care, discipline and kindness all these are taken together in a family as a pillar of stable social development. I have talked to married people in search of a happy family recipe. I want to share some of my findings with you. A happy marriage is based on intimacy and commitment. It is a bond that outgrows passion as the feature of romantic love. It is a bond that is based on mutual respect and the feeling as if both husband and wife were in many respects one. It is a way of constructing lifestyle, emphasizing intimate relationship and devotion to a person of your choice. It is confidence in the stable character of marriage, reinforced by having kids. Although even happy marriages tend to undergo changes, they never change the high quality of relating to each other. People are happy to be together, to share opinions, to spend time together, to make plans, which is inherent in their attitudes to each other. Happy marriages are tested, like others, by time, material difficulties, hardships, deteriorating health, fluctuations of mood, identity development, and the like. Happy marriages, unlike others, never ruin fundamentals of relationship: commitment is so deep that no difficulty can destroy it, since both spouses know how to help and support each other. Happy marriages cherish happy memories, and they cannot destroy these memories when one of the spouses has a temporary temptation to experience something new. On the contrary, happy marriages are full of wisdom, consensus, and their happiness is rooted in a unique feeling of freedom that ties up to a happy marriage experience more than anything else. They cultivate universal love, which is care, understanding, and tolerance  to human weaknesses. Happy marriages are built by people who worship communication, interaction, and cannot live without sharing all they have in their hearts and souls. There is no couple that would not like to create a happy marriage. Only very few families can build long-term relationships that stick to happiness even under unfavorable circumstances. I have talked to married people who are happy in their own way. They feel the aura of happiness and advise others to be tolerant. A happy marriage is an ideal construct that is like a dream that cannot be realized without hard work, creating a relationship and being happy in the process of its creation. I wish you thought over my information. Do not waste your time. Test your own willingness to be perfect in your relationship. Prove that a happy marriage may be a reality. How to improve your conversational skills The feeling of being tongue-tied is familiar to many of us. We admire people who can express their thoughts with fluency and confidence. Some people think that a conversational skill is a gift, while others believe that this is the result of training. A blabbermouth monopolizes the conversation, turning it into a monologue. I have known a person who was able to talk to anybody with invariable energy and interest. He impressed people by his conversational eloquence. In business communication, conversational skills are an asset to a persons ability to persuade and negotiate the meaning. Conversational skills are necessary for successful career growth and our pleasant interaction with other people. Commitment and consistency are fundamental to improving conversational skills. People with conversational skills have more friends and better chances in life, for they know how to promote their ideas and establish relationships. I am going to inform you about the nature of conversational skil ls, and then I will give you some practical tips that you may find useful. Conversational skills are special tools that make a conversation go. They are learned and trained to become automatic. They control questions, control feedback; help break the ice during unwanted pauses, give an idea of open-ended questions that drive a conversation, elaborate a theme. They are  about shifts to another theme, the use of semantic means, combined body language and verbal speech. Conversational skills make people comfortable while talking to each other. Now, I will give you five ways to improve your conversational techniques. First of all, the speakers should show interest in each other. Healthy curiosity heats up interest. When you ask questions, you intend to be given a response that can drive the conversation. Second, remember that a conversation is a dialogue with well-balanced talking and listening. Skilful speakers monitor themselves, taking control over taking turns. If you get skilled in taking turns, even talking a little, you will perfect your conversational skills. Third, give genuine compliments for the actions the person who you are talking to has done. This appraisal must be specific and will do wonders if followed by a tag question. Fourth, your paralanguage may speak louder than words. Bodily expressions have a meaning of their own. Fifth, a skilful speaker employs What, where, when, who, how, and if questions. Conversational skills are acquired through special training. They help master the art of conversation as a meaning exchange of human thoughts. People are often clumsy and tongue-tied when expressing their thoughts and feelings. They need conversational eloquence, which may be achieved by using conversational techniques. Practice conversational skills with a smile, and this learned art will be yours at the moment when you need it most. London fashion week Fashion has become a large part of identity making in the post-human world in which people play dress-up with their clothing. Fashionable clothes reinvent people as sexual, desirable, and enigmatic. We care about what we wear a great deal because our culture emphasizes an outward appearance. Fashion changes every season, squeezing our wallets. A gorgeous event London fashion week attracts all lovers of fashion from all over the world. It was held in March, using the official London Fashion Week Catwalk. This 450-seater catwalk celebrates the best of the best British  designers of clothes. The event was well advertised. You can surf this events Internet page to enjoy beautiful pictures that covered it up. It was the embodiment of luxury and power, having proved again and again that fashion is in a constant state of flux, generating fantastic new styles and new feelings. Demonstrations of fashionable trends are amusing and inviting to copy trendy features, visible to an eye. First, I will inform you what hot trends London fashion week has promoted. Second, I will inform you why London Fashion Week is so popular. This seasons trends are inspired by cinema, popular culture, and religious icons, with glamour, creativity, and modest beauty combined. Domestic goddess, African Queen or Ethereal Nude, inspires SS/09 wardrobe. All the freshest trends, hot off the catwalk of London, are enjoyable. It is not only a pleasure of renovating your image and counting the money to be spent on the fashionable trendy designer clothes but also a mission to introduce others, less fussy about trendy things, to a new fashionable trend that every show promises. London Fashion Weekend is a single event that gives access to a large number of London Fashion Week designers, classic labels, and the hottest trendy garments. 150 designers are not only showing their newest designs but also selling ready-to-wear pieces at a bargain (at least it is advertised so) price. You may choose from Christopher Fischer, Collado Garcia, Crumpet, Belle Bunty, Ben de Lisi, Alice McCall, Garguz, Inexcess Dashion, Janet Reger, John Smedley, Karl Doroghue, Sass Bide, Nicky Dupont, Madeleine Press, My Lovely Jeans, and some others. This years new designers are Luella, Richard Nicoll, Emma Cook, and Eley Kishimota. All of them pursue their philosophy of fashion that can be made out only when all is seen as one trendy entity in color, cut, and accessories. You may not be chasing fashion but you cant be indifferent because fashion is inherent in our culture and people are always impressed by those who know the taste of trendiest trends. Our appearance depends on what we are wrapped in; fashion is about our social status, success, individualism, and good taste. We like clothes that wear well. We dream of clothes that impress. We desire clothes that make us aggressively gorgeous

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