Monday, September 23, 2019

Marketing in the United States Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marketing in the United States - Article Example From this study it is clear that due to this fact, the article describes the changes that are currently observed in the marketing strategy. Most businesses are now shifting the focus of their marketing to this generation. This is in line with the responses to demographic changes of the market. This article is important in that it exposes the changes in the market that warrant changes in marketing strategy. To reach a large population, any marketer must be aware of demographic changes in the market and seek to focus attention on the most viable group. It also justifies the focus that most businesses are taking in advertisements, the internet. This generation will, therefore, be the main focus for many businesses in the present and the future. The marketing strategies should now focus on addressing the demographic changes.This paper discusses that despite the long-held perceptions that the millennial generation is indecisive, lazy and possibly inactive in the business, the marketers ar e now finding a new consumer generation in these individuals. The change is related to the fact that the millennial generation, which encompasses the young people in their twenties, forms the largest part of the American population. To achieve a considerably larger exposure of their products, the marketers are, therefore, focusing on this generation that is also easily reachable through the internet.

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