Sunday, September 22, 2019

Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Integrity - Essay Example y is a concept that has an ethical angle in itself serves to indicate that it is a complex concept, which can then be defined in different terms, considering the fact that ethics has no definitive interpretation due to the subjectivity of ethical interpretations in the realms of either right or wrong. At this point it becomes inevitable to ask the question; what is integrity? The term integrity can be defined as the consistency and the commitment to honor whatever choices that an individual has made (Killinger, 2). Thus, the concept of integrity cannot be divorced from three major aspects; the consistency of principle, the soundness of mind and the commitment not to adulterate. The ethical and moral perspective views integrity from the point of the honesty of one’s actions (Killinger, 9). Honesty is the aspect of truthfulness that guides both the talk and action of an individual to ensure that both of them are consistent. It is therefore not possible to term a person as being a man of integrity, where the actions of that person are not in line with whatever the person says. Integrity demands that an individual will talk and at the same time, walk the talk (Killinger, 4). Therefore, when the ethical angle of defining integrity is taken, then it demands that no aspect of contradiction should be found within a person. In case an individual is holding conflicting beliefs within, it is only fair that the individual discards the conflicting beliefs and stands for one principle, so as to be regarded as a person of integrity. This is because; integrity and contradiction are two aspects that cannot coexist (Killinger, 8). This aspect fulfills the requirement for consistency of principle as a major element of integrity. The soundness of mind is yet another aspect that integrity must fulfill. The soundness of mind simply means that an individual makes a choice that is well informed, well thought-out and fully considered, so that the individual can be able to stand by that

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