Sunday, September 15, 2019

Managerial tasks Essay

A. Every business requires managers to control and execute the business. But the skills required for each individual industry will vary. Here we will study the managerial skills required for a manager of a vending machine business, a housecleaning service and an appliance repair business. Vending Machine business: The markets for such business are targeted to the pedestrians and passersby. The vending machine should have sufficient stock and should be refilled at regular intervals. The manager concerned must have the idea about the demand and supply of the product, have the idea about stock taking and to identify locations with maximum sales. The manager should be mobile in order to verify the potential of each vending machine and identify any shortfall or lacuna. Also, have idea about advertising and marketing at vantage locations. Housecleaning service: The business is more about relationship, because the clients will be repeat customers. The better service you can provide the better business you can generate. The manager should know where to tap customers, should be a good man manager and ensure quality of work. Good PR skill is a must. The manager should also ensure the safety precautions required during house cleaning. Appliance repair business: This business also requires good PR and is based on repeat customers. But, the manager also need to be technically sound, and should have knowledge about repairing the specific range of product. He should be a good man manger, stick to tight schedules and ensure quality service. The manager should keep himself and his team upgraded with the newest technologies and latest changes in the product. It is a technology driven business, which requires lot of excellent technical skill set apart from the basic requirements of marketing and sales.

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