Sunday, June 9, 2019

Computer Project # 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Computer Project 2 - Essay Example hence, by utilizing the minimal value of increment constant of 100 millimeters, calculate the utmost value of the force X utilize in this problem and subsequently, find the value of W in this problem.Therefore, to be able to obtain the correct class of a draw representing the problem above, let us first assume that the force applied to move the rod is approximately X , while the Therefore by using a simple plat to represent the problem above, a diagram like the one drawn below is thus obtained The diagram of the rod is drawn using the FBD application or the drawing can too be done by utilizing the free hand drawing method. The diagram shows all the force X, the value W this includes all the details explained in the problem equations and the values described are also included where appropriate in the drawn diagram. The diagram is as shown belowBased on the diagram above, the point A is shown to be 100 millimeters away from the point B. while als o the point B is further assumed to be of at the same point as point D. Thus the point B is considered to be a improve point and also the point D is considered to be a fixed point in this static problem and is therefore regarded as the swivel point. Where as the distance from the point D to the point where the external force is applied at point P is about 400 millimeters away from the fixed point B and also point D.Therefore to be competent of calculating the problem above, the required calculation procedures must be employed as necessary. These calculations procedures are furthermore included in the results in order to be utilized in the determination of the solution through utilization of the computer software program programs. The main equations used are shown with inclusion of brief explanations.The initial X stands for the force applied when moving the rod from

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