Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Article on an international homeland security issue to review Assignment

Article on an international homeland security issue to retread - Assignment Examplees done by the attack and ensure a quick and full recovery from the trauma while still forecast out ways of preventing the repetition of such attacks.One of the most feared terrorist groups that threaten the United States is the Al- Qaeda group. The group is made up of terrorists mostly from the Middle eastern United States that is mostly Muslims with the claim that what they do is the call of Allah, their God. The group was formed around the year 1988 with Osama Bin Laden as the major founder. The group works as a network that has many armies in different countries all over the world under small subdivisions and hence it is non very easy to barricade their communications. Their first major and shocking attack that was felt throughout the world was their attack on the twin towers in the United States of America back in 2001. The attack left scores of people dead and others wounded and this is what made the United States acknowledge the importance of the department of homeland security.Characteristics that make the group go out from the rest are its suicide attacks. The group beliefs in the utter completion of a mission failure to which, their life is of no use. The group does not believe in hell. The group is of the notion that after their death, they go to heaven and meet Allah waiting for them with the 40 virgins that they are promised. The Al-Qaeda group believes in finish up allegiance to the rules that are offered by their leaders without any questions asked. This is for the assurance of their families safekeeping and ensuring that they carry out their tasks to the prime of their capabilities, (Bruno 2011).The organization of the group has most of the times been depict as being centralized when it comes to decision making but however, the ideology changes to decentralization when it comes to the execution of the decisions made. Experts in the field have argued that t he group has over the old age broken down into smaller groups that are no longer affiliated with the

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