Saturday, June 15, 2019

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Approach towards Problem Solving Essay

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Approach towards Problem Solving - Essay ExampleBarrack Obama, the current president of US who was elected on 4th November, 2008 has popular political approach. As the U.S economy is the biggest issue, he has put forward the plans of tax measures to chasten this major issue of the state. Barrack Obama believes in investing in the educational sectors and infrastructure to heal the problem of U.S economy. His approach towards this problem is to improve the humanity of his country at every level to overcome the economic issue. At the snip of taking the office, Barrack Obama faced recession of economy in the shape of 700,000 jobs being lost every month. He applied his Americas retrieval and Reinvestment Act, in which the first step was to finish the taxes on the undersized business. Following this, he purposed an act of cutting the taxes on the 95% of the local families and other activities as well. In the course of May 2012, under the presidency of Barrack Obama, the U.S. economy increased in the shape of 4.3million private sector jobs with a consecutive order on the monthly basis (Romney). On the other hand, Mitt Romney thinks that the Government should cut down the taxes and let the private sector stay free to overcome the economical problem. Romney is experienced in private sector and has traditional ideas towards the economical problems of U.S. Mitt Romney plans to rebuild the economy of U.S. by enterprises and the hard work at the interlocking level.

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