Friday, October 18, 2019

Loving Through Understanding and Finding Peace in Peace, Love & Essay

Loving Through Understanding and Finding Peace in Peace, Love & Misunderstanding - Essay Example Diane brings her children, Zoe (Elizabeth Olsen) and Jake (Nat Wolff) with her. Diane surprises her mother, whom she has alienated for twenty years. What is supposed to be a weekend, where Diane only wanted space from her husband and their divorce, became a full week of awakening for all characters. Diane resolves her conflicts her with her children, her mother, and with herself, by understanding that they are all human beings, and by accepting that they all have weaknesses, she can stop judging them and herself and begin loving with peace. Diane is detached from her children, which creates a barrier between them because she misunderstands their maturity and needs. When she brings them to her mother’s house, her children are asking about the reasons. Jake even jokes that their grandmother is dead since they have not seen her since birth and suddenly they have to meet her. Diane finally drops the bad news that she and Mark are having a divorce. Zoe wants to talk about it, but D iane does not say anything anymore. When Zoe asks, â€Å"Are we going to talk about this,† Diane does not answer and prepares to go in the house. With her back on Zoe, the scene indicates detachment from her children’s concerns. Instead of being open to her children, Diane creates a wall between them without even being aware of it. As a result, Zoe and Jake hardly understand what their mother is going through because they do not even know who she is. The conflict between Diane and her kids arises from her treatment of them as children, instead of as adolescents who are already mature enough to know the truth and to know how to cope with their family issues. The irony is that she is doing to her kids, what her mother did to her- to separate herself from her children because of the feeling that they cannot understand their parent’s concerns and needs.  

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