Friday, October 4, 2019

Contemporary issues in management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Contemporary issues in management - Essay Example Gabriel (1995) posited that a terrain exists inside every organisation that is impossible to manage and it comprises employees as individuals and as groups engaged in various spontaneous and unsupervised activities. This gray area of an organisation is referred to unmanaged organisation. The author has described the unmanaged organisation as a dream world within an organisation where emotions, anxieties and desires are expressed in the form of heightened irrational constructs. The author discussed that the major influence in this regard is fantasy while stories, myths, nicknames, jokes, graffiti and gossip form various landmarks. Gabriel (1995) also pointed that unmanaged space within an organisation is multidimensional, affluent in terms of information. According to the author, besides being a privileged domain within the managed organisation, fantasy can be considered as a symbolic reorganising of various official practices of a firm in favour of aesthetic pleasure that allows mome ntary supremacy of sentiments over organisational rationality.Patient, Lawrence and Maitlis (2003) pointed that there are a number of reasons because of which researchers consider workplace as an ideal space for studying emotions as most individuals spend a lot of time and significant portion of their lives at workplace and integrate their energy and ambition therein. Frost and Robinson (1998) supported the authors by suggesting that contemporary workplaces are increasingly becoming stressful.

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